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https://www.elevenforum.com/t/ipv6-icmp-the-solution-but-do-we-really-need-it.1269/ bu makale ile sorunu çözdüm

If you performed the IPv6 test on IPv6 test - IPv6/4 connectivity and speed test (it should be noted, there are some other IPv6 test websites), you most likely noticed that it shows your PC unreachable by ICMP protocol. This is the common result for most of Windows OS, not only 11. But the pop-up explanation says that “IPv6 relies heavily on ICMP”.

In some case ICMP filtering may be performed by local router, rarely by ISP, most often by Windows Firewall. Firewall settings depend on Windows version; to enable ICMP echo in Windows 11 you need to do this:

  1. Open Settings, Network & internet, Advanced network settings, Windows Firewall link (it opens Windows Security window, Firewall & network protection).
  2. Open Advanced settings link (it opens Windows Defender Firewall and Advanced Security window).
  3. Select Inbound Rules, then Core Networking Diagnostics - ICMP Echo Request (ICMPv6-In); there are two profiles with this name, need to select “Private, Public” profile, not “Domain”. By default, this rule is disabled.
  4. Open the rule window, on the General tab select Enabled, then on the Scope tab in “Remote IP address” group select “Any IP address” instead of predefined “Local subnet”.
  5. OK, close all opened windows.
    Now you can perform the test again and it should show ICMP as Reachable.

But does this solution really improves IPv6 connectivity, for example, for better stability of VPN or other services like online videogames? Or the disadvantage in possible exposing of IPv6 address by echo reply is more significant than possible, but not very important benefits.

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Güvenlik duvarı ile ilgili bir sorun bu. Android telefonlarda bu testi yapınca sorun çıkmazken Windows’ta yapınca sorun çıkıyor. Kullandığınız güvenlik duvarı yazılımından ya da yerleşik windows güvenlik duvarından icmp-ipv6’ya izin verince sorun çözülüyor.