Installation issues

Hi @EFG we signed up for the service a week ago and someone came to our house to sign the documents this Tuesday but we still do not have internet and have been given the run around for the whole week. My wife has called the customer service everyday this week but still no progress. I asked on the telegram forum and they told me to ping you as last resort before requesting cancellation. Can you help? we are very tired.

2222840 is our account number or login. Not sure if you can help else please let me know what I can do to cancel the install and get the refund


Hi, first of all, I would like you to know that we are sorry for the situation you have encountered. I will now try to help you quickly. I will have my friends examine your service in detail and get back to you. I’ll keep you informed as the progress progresses.

Sure thanks hope we can get it resolved today. We have already wasted too much time and effort and cannot wait much longer

Hi can you provide me an update as to when this will be resolved?

merha, some documents need to be approved for your line to be activated. This activation period is completed in 6-7 business days.
You can track your Internet Application via TurkNet online transaction center application.

No sorry we already wait more than a week. Unfortunately we will need to cancel if you cannot give service immediately

Can you please cancel the install and refund the fees paid by us. Unfortunately this much delay is not acceptable @EFG

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türknet kendini rezil etme adam bile bıkmış bilmiyo ki biz neler çekiyoz

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They will call to inform you about this activation. If you want to get service through a different internet service provider, you may have to wait again.

Neyin rezilliği? Aktivasyon süresi herkes için aynı.

Yes that’s fine please cancel it. I cannot spend anymore time with your company. Time to give someone else a try.

You can get information about cancellations hereİptal

Okay so more waste of my time. You are not able to provide the service or even cancel. I am willing to donate the fee paid to you coz I cannot deal with this anymore. Can I just contact another provider to install and when they install your service will be disconnected? @EFG

You have a support ticket. A phone call will be made to you due to this support ticket. You can ask at that time. Good luck.

In addition, TurkNet does not bill for the service it does not provide. After the cancellation, the fee will be refunded. (You must also initiate a return process for the devices you have purchased.) “DSL modem”

Your service is terrible. Not sure what to even say. Good luck

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“You must also initiate a return process for the devices you have purchased.) “DSL modem””

How do I initiate the return for the modem?

My friends will call you during the day and give you information.

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If you do not have a modem, you can use it at a different internet service provider. Even if you want to return it, you can send the modem return question when they call you.

When we go into the online system using the cancellation link you provided it does not give us an option to cancel turknet or show anything regarding turknet under our login. So what should we do?